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GROW announce SDK to integrate any PLM or CAD package into the GROW secure distributed manufacturing

Here, at GROW, we are committed to bridging the gap between CAD designs and industrial Additive production. In order to enable CAD and PLM software providers to offer GROW technology to their users, GROW has developed a software developer’s kit. Thanks to the SDK, any developer will be able to integrate GROW fully into CAD or PLM workflow. It allows users to export their design as a secure GROW file, instead of the usual .stl. This means that the exported file is fully protected using asymmetric RSA 3072 bit encryption. Parameters and manufacturing process information are fixed by the designer, meaning that whoever accesses the file will not be able to modify the set up. Build permissions are also set by designer, defining how many copies of the product and who is authorised to produce.

GROW’s secure systems facilitates distributed manufacturing by automating the Additive workflow and securing the designs. GROW encrypts the design and its associated manufacturing process information and sends encrypted GROW file into the Additive machine at the destination of your choice. GROW is the first company to integrate secure designs directly into the hardware, preventing the manufacturer from intervening with your design and accessing the specifications and internal geometries of the product.

Our first select PLM and CAD partner are to be announced soon. In the near future we want to expand our partners base. Contact us if you want to integrate your software with GROW.

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