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GROW’s CEO speaks at Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defence and Space 2017

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defence and Space conference is the premier forum for the industry. With the potential to revolutionise aerospace, defence and space supply chains, Additive Manufacturing delivers value back to business. The agenda of the conference covers a variety of topics including policy, deployable applications, through-life service and repair, certification strategies and discussions around the new materials and processes that are enabling faster production of larger, lighter and cheaper components.

At the conference, Dr Siavash Mahdavi, the CEO of GROW, gave a talk about the future of distributed manufacturing. He emphasized the importance of Intellectual Property in Additive design and showed how GROW protects the specifications and internal geometries of the product by encrypting both the design and accompanying meta data of manufacturing instructions. This way, the manufacturing process doesn’t require external set up, and the design can be sent directly to the printer. Dr Mahdavi also explained how GROW answers the need for remote control of quality in distributed manufacturing by providing audit to guarantee the consistent quality of output across different manufacturing sites.

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