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GROW and EOS launch extended EOS integration with new GROW end to end solution at Formnext 2015 in F

Formnext is the international exhibition and conference on Additive technologies, which gathers top industry professionals from around the world every year. GROW exhibitedamong the world’s elite in industrial Additive and 3D printing, presenting the GROW software solution for secure distributed manufacturing.

During the exhibition, we announced the release of extended integration of GROW software with EOS M290 and M400 metal printers.EOS is one of the leaders of Additive manufacturing solutions, providing industrial technologies to clients across various industries, from jewellery to aerospace. We partnered with EOS in order to provide secure workflow for their clients and we are proud to say that our integrated end to end solution is the most secure to date. GROW is the first company to integrate secure designs directly into the hardware. As a result, EOS users will be able to enjoy further automation in the workflow and the highest possible security of their design.

At GROW, we aim to contribute to transformation of AM prototyping, spare parts and full scale production, by providing secure distributed manufacturing solutions. How does it work? GROW encrypts the design and its associated manufacturing process information and sends the encrypted design and decryption instructions into the 3D printer in destination of your choice. This way, the manufacturer can’t intervene with your design, and most importantly, can’t access the specifications and internal geometries of the product. GROW allows you to track each build and reports back on all the manufacturing parameters, providing you with all the information necessary to assess the quality of your final product.

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