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GROW joins Siemens technology partner program

We’re excited to announce that GROW has joined Siemens’ Frontier technology partnership program. Siemens works closely with a global network of technology leaders and industry experts in order to improve their products. Siemens and GROW will work together to help bring secure distributed Additive Manufacturing to Siemens’ PLM platform. By integrating the GROW technology into Siemen’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, they will help NX users to enhance and maximize productivity while securing their designs and ensuring consistency of output.

GROW has set out to solve some of the main challenges of additive manufacturing industry: design security, consistency of output, and audit with verification of builds. GROW’s focus is in addressing these challenges and providing solutions that help manufacturers get the most from additive manufacturing. The partnership with Siemens PLM Software will enable GROW to tailor solutions for Siemens PLM clients that will work seamlessly with their usual way of working.

Using patent-pending software, GROW enables users to secure their design though the entire manufacturing workflow, protecting valuable IP and confidential designs. GROW’s technology also allows for manufacturing instructions to be included as metadata in the encrypted file which is read directly by supported hardware, ensuring that products are manufactured consistently across multiple locations and reducing the likelihood of human error. Integration with Siemens software will enable Siemens PLM users to take advantage of a fully secure workflow for additive products.

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