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GROW announces online collaboration platform for Additive

One of the major challenges for the Additive industry is the gap between designing a part and actually building a part on an Additive machine consistently and to high quality. A designer will know what their design needs to do after its built, but often are unfamiliar with the requirements, limitations and capabilities of Additive machines. Currently workflows often involve designers and Additive machine contract manufacturing hub working together, where the Additive machine hub assists on designs changes and build configurations with multiple sample builds before a working solution is reached. This design solution consists of a design but also the manufacturing process information on how the design should be executed by the additive machine.

GROW already supports storing and using Additive design solutions in a manner that allows easy, repeat usage, via the GROW file format and secure distributed manufacturing solution. Now GROW announce work on an online collaboration system called project.AM which will allow designers, additive operators and experts to work together in a more efficient manner to bring designs from their initial vision to a working solution capable of been built on Additive machines in a consistently, producing high quality products every time.

Project.AM from GROW will let users create design projects, where they can bring in CAD designs in many formats, use additive tools for repair and analysis, generate design supports required by metal Additive production, all in a secure online environment where the design is server side rendered for additional protection of IP. GROW also provide tools to record, audit and authorize every change, leading to a final GROW file that locks down exactly what and how it should be built. This design will allow users to clearly show a product passes all required international medical and aerospace process approval requirements.

Project.AM will soon enter a closed beta stage and we will be working closely with our existing GROW ready hubs and users to ensure project.AM works for the everyday challenges faced in the Additive industry.

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