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GROW and EOS agree deeper, flexible integrations for the new EOS M290 machine

EOS is one of the leaders of e-manufacturing solutions, providing industrial 3D printing technologies to clients across various industries, from jewellery to aerospace. Thanks to their high beam sensitivity, EOS printers allow to print high-quality complex metal parts, even those with very intricate internal geometrical structures. GROW has partnered with EOS in order to provide a secure workflow for EOS customers. The initial integration with EOS M270 machine allowed Within Medical Autodesk to run through the GROW system. After successfully integrating our system into the EOS M270 printer, GROW will be soon supported by EOS M290 printer as well. This further integration with EOS products shows further desire for both parties to be working together, and will allow GROW customers to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of an EOS M290. As a result of integration with GROW, EOS M290 users will be able to enjoy a streamlined and secure workflow.

GROW and EOS are the first industry partners to provide a workflow fully integrated directly into hardware, resulting in the most secure distributed manufacturing solution so far. GROW is supporting the transformation of Additive from prototyping to full scale industrial production. GROW encrypts the design and its associated manufacturing process information and sends the encrypted design and decryption instructions into the EOS machine at the manufacturing bureau of your choice. This way, the machine operator can’t intervene with your design, and most importantly, can’t access the specifications and internal geometries of the product. GROW allows you to track each build and reports back on how the part has been built, providing you with all the information necessary to assess the quality of your final product and allowing you to control for external variables affecting the manufacturing process.

The new GROW-EOS solution will provide greater flexibility to users and is expected to be released in Q4 2015.

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