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Join the next industrial revolution

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Based in London, GROW is an exciting company working in the field of Additive Manufacturing, which is the industrial side of 3D printing. 


Using GROW software, our clients will be able to protect their IP, ensure output consistency and keep a complete quantity and quality audit trail for all remotely manufactured parts. Additive manufacturing widely considered to herald the biggest shake up in manufacturing for a generation.

Open positions

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer ​

As a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at GROW, you will work within the greater development team in a small web team designing and building our web platforms.

A significant amount of your time will be spent on development, but you will also lead the team architecturally and set the direction of web development. You will also have the opportunity to have a large input on the company direction and entire life-cycle: Business decisions, research, design, planning, project management, technical documentation, meeting with external partners and clients.

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