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Securely distribute and track your Additive Manufacturing builds


Enabling end-to-end secure distributed additive manufacturing workflow from design to production


Ensuring quality of output by visualising and conducting analysis on the build data


Facilitating serial manufacturing by locking down the process and all manufacturing variables

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Now part of the


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Leading additive manufacturing software company, today announced the acquisition of secure file transfer company to digitalise end-to-end security for high regulated sectors.

design owners

GROW for

Service Bureaus

+ Efficiently manage client orders and review manufacturing instructions

+ Export build jobs directly to the AM machine and update build statuses with a click of a button

+ Utilise secure GROW file transfer system

service bureaus


GROW for

Design Owners

+ Protect your intellectual property (IP) over design and manufacturing instructions


+ Securely distribute, manage and track build orders


+ Communicate the build job directly to your chosen AM machine 

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