First Secure Distributed Manufacturing solution for Additive

Commercially proven with thousands of production parts

Company's Background

GROW originated from the successful acquisition of Within Technology (formed by Dr Siavash Mahdavi) by Autodesk in 2014. With more than a decade of expertise in the additive industry, GROW offers world’s first secured distributed manufacturing through a suite of desktop and cloud based applications that enable a complete, secure Additive Manufacturing workflow, from designer to final manufacturer. We bridge the gap from CAD to production in a secure, encrypted environment. Enabling efficient collaboration on Additive Manufacturing projects without compromising digital security. GROW’s unique patent enables information to be included in the design file and read directly by the hardware, thus, reducing human input, errors and inconsistencies in the final product.

Mission Statement

To provide the most reliable and secure solution for distributed manufacturing, by ensuring high quality and consistency of output, and total control by leveraging the company’s technology to fulfil customers’ needs.


To be a trustworthy leader in providing best in class solutions for secure additive manufacturing.


Additive is driving the digitalisation of manufacturing

Efficient, elegant, designs, produced where and when they are needed

Additive is driving the digitalisation of manufacturing; industry leaders are seeing a value shift as new additive manufacturing techniques allow the creation of designs previously unimagined. Designs that were simple, mass produced then stored and sold as spares over decades are being replaced by efficient, elegant, designs, produced where and when they are needed.

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IP must be protected

Designs sensitive to manufacturing processes

Audit remote builds

Verify quality assurance

Greater value in designs means that IP must be protected. Efficient designs mean greater sensitivity to manufacturing processes, therefore consistency and quality must be controlled. Remote building and delivery mean audit and control are verified.


Transform supply chains

Fundamentally change spare parts management

Additive will transform supply chains and fundamentally change how spare parts are managed in every industrial company worldwide. However, to enable such a change, Distributed Manufacturing must address the Value Shift that Additive brings with it.



secure.AM is a standalone WindowsTM based software solution designed to protect intellectual property in your designs in a remote or distributed manufacturing environment.


project.AM is our cloud based project management platform, built specifically for the additive manufacturing industry, developed with input from leading designers, contract manufacturers and consultants.


vault.AM is our cloud based secure repository for your design files. It is here that files are stored, build permissions are set so that files can be re-encrypted for selected GROW hubs and build reports and QA data is uploaded and accessed.


viewer.AM is GROW software that sits at the manufacturing site. Each copy is unique to a specific GROW hub and is sent to the manufacturer on an encrypted password protected USB stick to ensure that the confidential private key embedded in the software is not compromised.


GROW has developed a suite of desktop and cloud based applications that enable a complete, secure workflow, from designer to final manufacture.

We have built our technology to be modular and easily adaptable so that we can cater to specific client needs. Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss how we can make our solutions fit your business requirements.