viewer.AM is GROW software that sits at the manufacturing site. Each copy is unique to a specific GROW hub and is sent to the manufacturer on an encrypted password protected USB stick to ensure that the confidential private key embedded in the software is not compromised.


Each GROW hub is allocated a unique private key that is embedded into viewer.AM. The software can only open STLX files that have been specifically encrypted for that hub. The STLX file may come from:


If a file is ready for production, the design owner may simply encrypt using secure.AM and transfer the file directly to the GROW hub. As the file is encrypted, any non-secure means of transfer (e.g. email) can be used.


Designer can utilize vault.AM to securely store and manage all of their AM design files. Build permissions can be set via vault.AM and the hub will the receive a notification by e-mail that a file is ready for download.

Using viewer.AM

On receipt, the GROW hub can open the STLX file in viewer.AM. Various file attributes will be displayed including:

  • Polygon count
  • Surface area
  • Volume
  • Bounding box

viewer.AM will also provide a visual representation of the design on screen.

Depending on the permissions set by the design owner at the time the STLX file is created, viewer.AM will allow the user to either:

  • View the file information only (generally for quotation purposes)
  • Send the STLX file for build
  • Access the underlying design file in full

The STLX file also contains metadata setting out the specific manufacturing process to be used, including the specific hardware and material to be used for manufacture, orientation of the part in the build chamber, the parameter settings of the hardware and how it is to be supported during the build process. The encrypted design file and the process metadata are then read directly from the STLX file by the manufacturing hardware*.
viewer.AM will communicate directly with the manufacturing hardware to retrieve build and QA reports and upload these to the design owners secure section on vault.AM