Vault.AM is our cloud based secure repository for your design files. It is here that files are stored, build permissions are set so that files can be re-encrypted for selected GROW hubs and build reports and QA data is uploaded and accesses.


There are two ways in which you can upload your files to vault.AM:

From secure.AM

If you have a file that is ready for manufacture, simply encrypt with secure.AM and upload to your secure repository on vault.AM. secure.AM uses GROW’s public key so the file cannot be accessed or opened by anyone apart from GROW.

Once your file has been uploaded to vault.AM, you have complete control over your design and how you allocate digital rights to third parties in respect of your design.

Using vault.AM

Simply select the appropriate design, select the GROW hub that you want to manufacture your product (if there is a manufacturer that you want to use that is not list, just ask them to register with GROW for free and we will send them a copy of viewer.AM and set them up with a GROW encryption key), set the quantity and leave the rest to vault.AM.
We will re-encrypt your design using the selected hub’s GROW public key and they will be sent an email alerting them to the fact that there is an encrypted design ready for them to download. The GROW hub can then use their viewer.AM software to access the STLX file and transfer the process instructions directly to the manufacturing hardware.

Check build reports

Once the build has been completed, viewer.AM will extract a build report from the hardware and upload that, along with the QA data outputs from the build, to vault.AM, where the data can be retrieved and/or stored until needed.

The secure STLX workflow