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GROW’s patent enabling Secure Distributed Additive Manufacturing

GROW offers secured distributed additive manufacturing through a suite of desktop and cloud-based applications that enable a complete, secure workflow, from design to production.

The GROW patent covers the method of securely 3d printing an object.

So you start with a 3D design file that is capable of being printed

  • This must consist of 3D design that can be made from or into 2D contours or slices for example, as that build up of slices/layers is how 3D printers, consumer or industrial work.

  • Must include instructions on how to build the part, like the identifier of the machine the part should build on.

Otherwise, the build will likely fail. Additive pushes a value shift where the digital design and instructions allow the creation of cutting-edge designs that are sensitive to how they are built.

Then you take that design and authorise it for a specific build location. You want to control build counts and verify QA data so that the parts can go straight to users, allowing you to take advantage of a secure distributed manufacturing supply chain.

The manufacturing location has their authorisation for the file confirmed, and the GROW software communicates directly with the AM machine to pass in the design file information in a way that machine can process it.

So that is the method covered by the GROW patent. A 3D design file encapsulating the digital knowledge of how to print the design. Transmitting and authorising a location to build the file. and finally GROW communicates the design and instructions into the Additive machine which builds it, exactly how you the designer specifies.

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