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GROW and Arcam achieve deeper integration

Arcam offers Additive Manufacturing hardware for production of solid metal parts from metal powders using electron beam melting systems. Arcam’s products are widely used in medical and aerospace industries. GROW partnered with Arcam to provide a secure workflow for users that will grant their clients greater automation and flexibility. As a result of this partnership, GROW system is now fully supported on Arcam’s Q10 and Q20 systems. The Q10 printer is widely used for orthopaedic implant manufacturing and the Q20 was designed for cost-efficient production of lightweight aerospace parts.

This integration is particularly important, as both aerospace and medical designs require heightened security measures. Both industries use sophisticated technology and invest heavily in developing their products, so intellectual property is of a high value. How can we make sure the manufacturer can’t access the specifications and internal geometries of the product, or won’t intervene in the design of the product? Fidelity of implementation is particularly important within metal AM, where every product is parameter sensitive.

GROW secures your products journey from the designer to the manufacturer. GROW encrypts the design and its associated manufacturing metadata, and sends the file to one of our approved manufacturing hubs. The designer can grant authorized access to view and build the file to selected manufacturers only, even allowing a specific machine at that hub to be chosen. Due to GROW’s integration with Arcam Machines, the encrypted design and decryption instructions are sent directly to the printer. This way, you can rest assured that your product data remains safe, and the final product is up to your company’s standard.

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