Secure.AM is a standalone WindowsTM based software solution designed to protect intellectual property in your designs in a remote or distributed manufacturing environment.


Secure.AM is an encryption based solution. It utilizes a very high level of encryption (3072 bit RSA) combined with an asymmetric (also known as public:private) key system to ensure the best level of protection. The secure.AM system offers users a secure, encrypted, cloud based communication structure to provide ease of use and file transfer between clients and manufacturers or, alternatively, a means of direct, fully encrypted transfer to the point of manufacture for those who want to keep their files off the cloud.

Secure.AM is available for free download. Once you have downloaded the software, simply open any .STL design file and then move onto the encryption and transfer process. The process is slightly different depending on whether you want to transfer files via vault.AM or to transfer a fully encrypted file directly to the point of manufacture.

Upload to vault.AM

The design file is easily encrypted with the click of a button using secure.AM. This encryption is carried out using Grow’s public key so this file cannot be opened by any third party. The file is then uploaded to your personal folder on vault.AM. Once uploaded, the file will be securely stored until you want to assign a build permission, via your secure account on vault.AM. Only when you grant build permission to a manufacturing hub will the file be decrypted and re-encrypted using that hub’s public key, ensuring complete security for your intellectual property at all times.

Advantages to using vault.AM

  • Free private and secure repository for your design files
  • Log into your account at to select manufacturing sites, set build permissions (quantity and time limits)
  • Receive updates on build progress
  • Receive full QA reports in the build progress directly uploaded from the manufacturing hardware

Upload to project.AM

Alternatively, you may have a design file but not be entirely ready to go into production. In that case, you should upload your file to project.AM where you can easily set up a secure project to take you through all the steps necessary to get your design ready for manufacture.

Advantages to using project.AM

  • Completely secure encrypted environment
  • Free access to software tools that repair, optimize and analyse your design
  • Record all documents and decisions centrally
  • Use GROW’s unique delta view and snapshot tools to manage version control

Direct to hub transfer

We recognize that not everyone is comfortable with uploading files to a cloud platform, no matter how secure. We have therefore provided an alternative system of direct encrypted transfer.

The secure STLX workflow

Before encrypting your STL (design) file, you will need to select the manufacturing Hub it is to go to and download that Hub’s public key from (if your Hub is not listed, simply ask them to register as a Grow Hub at Each Hub’s key is unique so the encrypted file can only then be decrypted using the private key known only to that Hub. Because of the unique nature of asymmetric encryption, the private key cannot be derived from the public key. If the workstation on which your valuable intellectual property is stored is not connected to the internet, this is not a problem. Simply go to from another connected, workstation, download the appropriate public key and transfer this to the offline workstation, then import intosecure.AM (see help file in secure.AM. Once encrypted, you can send your file to the Hub by any non-secure means of communication (e-mail, FTP upload, by post on a USB key etc.) secure in the knowledge that it cannot be opened by anyone apart from your selected Hub.