project.AM is our cloud based project management platform, built specifically for the additive manufacturing industry, developed with input from leading designers, contract manufacturers and consultants.


Once you have uploaded your design file you will be ready to start your project. It does not need to be a STL files, we can convert from many popular files types

.obj, .3dm, .3ds, .dae, .dxf, .fbx, .iges, .igs, .ply, .skp, .slc, .vdafs, .vda, .vrml, .wrl, .zcp, . zpr

Access free software tools

We have entered into a partnership with Materialise to provide free access to based tools to convert, repair and analyse your file. More software will be added soon so please check back regularly

Develop your design

Once your encrypted design has been uploaded using secure.AM, your project team can view, zoom and rotate the design on screen using our server-side rendering. This means that the design itself does not need to be widely distributed, protecting your valuable and confidential information.

As your design is developed and optimized for the AM process, you may well go through a number of iterations. Record all of these centrally at project.AM and use our deltaview tool to visually compare two iterations and see what changes have been made.

Invite your team

Additive Manufacturing is complex. In order to get your part ready for manufacture, you may need input from a number of specialists including materials scientists, consultants, hardware operators, contract manufacturers and of course the end client.

As you add users, you can set their permissions as not every project member will need access to all information. The team member will then be sent an email inviting them to the project. If you wish, we can incorporate a personalized NDA for electronic signature so that the person or company does not get access until they have electronically signed. We have 4 currently available but can add custom NDAs for individual clients on request.

Set your process

There are many process decisions that need to be made as your project progresses. These include deciding the specific hardware and material to be used for manufacture, orientation of the part in the build chamber, the parameter settings of the hardware and how it is to be supported during the build process. As these process decisions are finalized, record them in project.AM so that they can be recorded in the STLX file at the end of your project and the information will be fed directly into the manufacturing hardware.

Take snapshots

It is likely that you will make a number of samples before signing your project off for production. As each sample is made, use our snapshot tool to capture the design iteration and all of the process data at that point in time. You can then recall or rewind to the snapshot at any point in time.

Create your STLX file

At the end of the project.AM process, you will have all of the information necessary to create a full STLX file with your encrypted design and all of the manufacturing process information. Upload to vault.AM for secure storage and there you can set the build permissions for your GROW hub. vault.AM will then re-encrypt your design for that hub and they can use their viewer.AM software to decrypt and feed your process data into the manufacturing hardware.